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Our Weight-Loss program entails a prescribed weight loss eating plan with a list of allowed foods to choose from. Together with your slimming diet we provide you with a fluid called Lipolytic which you must inject every morning.

Our slimming program is formulated so that the better you stick to the rules the better your weight loss.

Lipolytic, a term for breaking down fat is therefore a fluid in aid to your weight loss diet to help break down fat and so result in very good centimeter loss. Lipolytic is registered as a non Nomen Proprium product. This means that the holder of the product has the right not to reveal that contents of the product. If for any reason you can not or do not want to use the Lipolytic injection, we have a capsule called GTF. GTF helps to stabilize your blood sugar. The result is that you do not feel needless hunger and it also keeps cravings under control to a certain extent.


  • Consultation with Dr Rossouw
  • 1 Month’s supply Lipolytic injections
  • Body Analysis at Body Aesthetics Center
  • LUNA session at Body Aesthetics Center
* Please ensure to make an appointment at the Body Aesthetic center within the first month of your dietary program. Lipolytic Injections are available at Dr Rossouw’s offices from Mondays to Fridays

Mon : 08h00 - 18h30
Thu : 08h00 - 17h15
Tues : 08h00 - 17h00
Fri : 08h00 - 13h30
Wed : 08h00 - 20h00
Saturdays & Holidays : Closed